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Recent trend of health practices


Currently people are facing a fast paced lifestyle. They are either stressed out or are busy with less or no time for family and friends. The time to relax and have fun has got reduced and all kinds of entertainment they find is just sitting and watching with no physical activity involved. The food we eat has become less natural with more artificial flavours added and less nutritious diet. We are picking up diseases related to depression without socializing well with people and simply spending our time with gadgets. There are more cases of heart attack, blood pressure, cancer and much more.

People are facing such troubles in today’s environment. Microbes are becoming more resistant to drugs, so the health practices are improving to accommodate this change with modern technologies. For example, vaccination is available to curb down every sort of disease. The drugs manufactured are really effective.

A lot of new diseases have been identified and the medicines for them are researched. Medical and health care professionals have been the need of the hour. Across the World need is now for more hospitals and health care centres and at the same time medical expenses have been highly expensive and are becoming less affordable.

Dieticians and dermatologist are having more roles to play due to trouble caused by pollution and sedentary lifestyle. Human health is deteriorating day by day, and the related measures are being taken to solve this.

The number of psychotherapists and physiologists are increasing to handle people who are suffering from distress. Doctors are becoming more patient friendly providing therapies that are comfortable.

Therapies like anger management, stress management, work life balance is being given to cope with the changing lifestyle. Thus with changing lifestyle the trends of health practices are changing to accommodate the patient needs.