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Why Public health deteriorates


For any country, its technological advancements and industrial growth or even absolute wealth in terms of resources such as petrol or gold etc cannot be considered as power or strength because the real strength of a country is its population and the health of its people.

Public health is very important in a population, workplace or certain section of the population. Because only as long as the nation has healthy people, they can contribute to the nation?s growth and without good health how rich the nation be people cannot be happy.

If there is no good public healthy many wild spread diseases of endemic and epidemic can easily affect the lives of thousands of people in the society.Examples of public health are like adding chlorine to the water used by the public to disinfect it, vaccination to the new born, safety norms or healthy rules at workplace and etc. it’s very important to take care of health at public places as we are more prone to disease in public. We can attract disease when proper hygiene norms are not maintained at public places.

It’s the responsibility of every individual at public places to be hygienic and have healthy practices to reduce any kind of spreading. In a community of closely knitted population an epidemic outbreak can be really hazardous. With careful health conditions and planning we can contain and stop them. Every individual in the society should be responsible and capable of preventing disease.

We should consult the doctor if we feel we have attracted any kind of disease and stop them as soon as possible to contain further spreading of disease. People can be educated on the benefits of personal hygiene in a community. Prevention should be taken into account rather than curing of a discomfort or disease. It?s very important to take care of health.