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Kids First Time At The Dentist


Any health issue when faced is going to make a person undergo so much of suffering and pain. When it comes to elderly people, they will face more pain but are matured enough to understand it and middle aged and teenage people will have the strength to face it.

The most difficult it would be for the kids to face the suffering and pain endured during a health problem. It will be difficult for the parents to console and take care of them in such situations. Also, for regular health issues they can be made to sleep well using tablets and tonics. If the health issue is related to dental health it will make them suffer every now and then while they eat something.

As kids always tend to eat a lot of sweets and chocolates and may not brush properly and keep their teeth clean, they are the ones to face frequent dental problems in terms of tooth decay. Henceforth, it requires the right dentist for kids to treat them specially.You toddler may be having all the teeth grown or only a few, now it is your time to keep his smile healthy. You have to keep his tiny teeth and gums in tip-top position and shape.

Before you think of taking your toddler to the dentist for the first time, remember that the child does not have any ill will toward his first dentist. Let your child enjoy his first dentist visit as a visit to his Grandma.

Preferable age to go: Experts recommend taking the child within six months of his first tooth arrival. If his teeth get obviously discolored then take him to the dentist immediately.

The dentist to choose: Many prefer to take their child to Dad or Mom?s dentist. It is a good choice if your dentist is well experienced with young children. You can consider taking him to the pediatric dentist so that he can have quality time with your toddler.

The first appointment: It will be short and informal, just a meet and greet for the dentist and your child. Depending on your child’s age and his comfort level, he may ask you to help him while he pokes your child’s mouth or he may ask you to be in the waiting room so that he will have quality time with your child. He will check for the tooth decay, check your child’s gums, bite and jaw. He may clean the teeth with fluoride preparation if stain and cavities are there.

He will also discuss about the good oral hygiene habits and he would give the details about toddler teething, tooth-friendly foods, thumb sucking or any matters oriented to your child’s oral health.