Restoring Your Teeth and Smile


Any individual who looks healthy will appear very attractive to others eyes. And a person’s health can be easily seen by looking at their hair, skin, teeth, eyes and nails. If they are facing a health issue it will be reflected in these parts and they would appear in a different color or in poor condition something lesser or different from normal aspects of these body parts. In case if they are having a good health, these parts will appear healthy and normal.

A facial glow is a key aspect to look good in any viewer?s eyes. And it is possible with a good skin, eyes and above all with a good smile.The most eye catching feature in a face is the smile. With vast advancements in the field of dentistry, you need not settle with chipped, stained or improper teeth.

There are choices that can support you to smile with confidence. People can now believe that restoring teeth for healthy smile with dentistry is possible in an easier way too even if they had lost their healthy and good looking smile which they feel they had once and missed it now.

Bridges: If you are missing with one or two teeth, you can note the difference in speaking or chewing. A bridge can be used to replace the lost teeth, which maintain the shape and prevents the stress while eating. Two types of bridges fixed bridge and implant are available. The fixed bridge is replacing the artificial teeth with the missing teeth, looks great and bridges the gap. In case of implant, under the gum tissue the artificial tooth is attached directly to the jaw.

Crowns: A cap or crown is a covering that covers the complete tooth surface maintaining its original size and shape. It strengthens the tooth structure and it cannot be restored with any restorations or fillings.

Porcelain a tooth colored crown is the most popular crowns, highly durable for many years.

The main reasons for crowns are fractured teeth, cosmetic enhancement, large fillings and root canal.
You can restore your smile with fillings, that can be made with traditional restorations like gold, composite and porcelain. The newer restorative materials such as plastic compounds and ceramics bring the natural teeth appearance.

Root canal: If you have the tooth with diseased nerve, you can save that tooth with the help of special dental treatment called root canal treatment.