I Was Hit Head on During a Storm

I have heard the statistic about most accidents happening really close to home. I didn’t know that I would be one of those statistics though. I got caught in a pretty bad storm, which is not a good mix with new drivers. A young girl who had just gotten her license panicked, and she hit me head on. Thankfully, we were going slow already because of the storm, but I still had some moderate injuries from the impact. The emergency room doctor told me I may want to look into Santa Rosa chiropractors after I was discharged because I was going to more than likely be in pain from the accident.

I had been to a local chiropractor several years ago because of a sports injury in college, so I knew that was the one I wanted to go to for this. I felt the majority of the pain in my abdomen area since that is where the impact was, but there were no internal injuries. The doctor still told me that I could develop pain in my neck, shoulders, arms or back even days later, which is why they were telling me that I should see a chiropractor.

I made the appointment, and they saw me the same day because of the circumstances. The receptionist told me that it was good that I was coming in so soon after the accident, and I could understand that a few days after my appointment because the pain really did ramp up then. I had already had a massage and an adjustment, so it could have been a whole lot worse. I followed through on my course of treatment, and I know that the pain was lessened considerably because of this. I am fine now, and I just hope that young girl learns how to drive in storms better!