I Am Still Beefing with the Insurance Company

Of course everything in life has an element of luck to it and in my case it was all bad. I just happened to be going through that intersection exactly when that idiot ran the light and completely totaled my car. The really annoying thing is that I had just picked it up from the shop where I had bought brand new tires and gotten about three hundred and fifty dollars worth of work done to it. For the most part I was not hurt too badly, although I had to see a chiropractor in San Rafael about a week later because my back was stiffening up every night when I went to sleep. It was just impossible for me to get up out of the bed and get going without all sorts of nonsense. The guy sort of frightened me when I realized how he was going to sort this out, because I really had not thought it out too much before the fact. When I laid down on that table I was really keenly aware that I did not want this guy to screw this up.

The big problem is that the guy who hit me had no license and did not own the car that he was driving. At first it seemed as though this were not going to matter, since the car belonged to his girlfriend and she was willing to say that she had given him permission to drive it. However it turned out that this guy also had a wife, along with three kids and things changed after the girlfriend discovered this fact. As you can imagine she did not really like this fact and once her insurance company found out they seemed to have decided that he had stolen that car and now no one wants to pay for my car.