Healthy lifestyle with a Healthy Mouth – On good Dental Health


A sound Health is important for any individual to survive better, and to enjoy every moment of his life. When people face a poor health, they tend to become dull and the things around them may not look interesting to them till their health gets improved. The only relief when the health gets affected would be their ability to eat and in case if the oral health gets affected then it would be really bad for the individual.This shows oral health is more important than what we had thought about it. The health of our mouth including the gums and teeth significantly influences your general health.

Let us see the facts about the oral health and how it can influence the overall health system of an individual. The body’s natural defense system and proper oral health care keeps the bacteria and other microorganisms under control. Without proper oral hygiene, bacteria and other microorganisms level will increase causing infections such as gum disease and tooth decay. Due to certain medications like painkillers, diuretics and antihistamines saliva flow is reduced. As saliva reduces its functions of neutralizing the acids in the mouth produced by bacteria, washing away the foods in the mouth, it greatly affects the general health leading to microbial invasion. When these microorganisms are circulated as they go with the food intake into the digestive system and along with nutrients in blood to other parts this will definitely affect other parts of the body.

Oral health may be affected even when the general body health is affected due to other diseases such as Endocarditis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Osteoporosis, Alzheimers disease, Sjogrens syndrome and other physical conditions too. In this way, it is evident that having a poor oral health can affect the other parts of the body and also for certain diseases in other parts shall affect oral system too.

People should really follow the below suggestions to protect their oral health in order to have a happy teeth,

(1) Brush twice a day (2) floss daily (3) take a healthy diet and avoid snacks between meals.
(4 Replace your tooth brush once in three to four months. (5) Do regular dental checkup. (6) Contact immediately the dentist whenever the oral problem arises.

Understand the intimate dependency between the overall health and oral health and protect yourself from serious dental issues and dental problems in order to lead a healthy life.