Chiropractic Care Makes Pregnancy Pain Easier

I knew that a woman’s body has some incredible changes during a pregnancy, but I really did not fully understand it until I started seeing my Beverly Hills chiropractor during my own pregnancy. I was experiencing a lot of problems with my pregnancy, and my ob/gyn suggested that I see a chiropractor for the duration of my pregnancy. I was willing to do just about anything if it meant that the changes in my body were going to be a lot easier to handle. I was unsure what was going to happen, but I figured that everything would be explained to me when I went for my first appointment.

When she asked me what changes I knew about in a pregnancy, I told her the little that I knew. I understood that the weight gain would cause my abdomen to change, but I did not know much beyond that since I had never experienced it before. She then started to tell me about all the changes that would happen in my body, and it just simply amazed me that all of that would happen to me. I was already in awe that a little life was growing inside of me, but knowing how much I would change physically was just as awe inspiring.

To be truthful, it was also a bit scary. I could not imagine my hips spreading and my pelvic bones slipping because of the new life growing inside of me. I knew that it was natural, but I was so glad that I was learning about this and how to prevent the pain that comes along with it. I had already experienced some of it, but those days were about to end. As soon as I started chiropractic care for my pregnancy, I started to have fewer issues until there were just no more. I also had a very easy delivery that is credited to the chiropractic care I received.