An Interesting Kind of PTSD Treatment

When I joined the military, I did so because I wanted to serve my country. I knew there was the possibility that I would see combat someday, but I didn’t let it change my mind. My time in Iraq was an experience that I’ll never forget. I came back with my body intact, but my mind wasn’t the same. I would have PTSD moments that would be triggered occasionally. A medical examination determine that a good option for me to try would be medical marijuana in Marlton NJ. I didn’t think that marijuana could be used for something like PTSD, but medical science finds a good use for everything.

I was given a schedule and dosage amount of marijuana to take to get the best results during my treatment. Since I had never smoked anything before in my life, I had to get used to the thought of using it. I have some friends and family members who use the stuff all the time and think nothing of it. I guess all of those anti-marijuana asemblies in school worked a little too well on me, because I was afraid to even touch the stuff. Once I started using it, I began to think of it in a different light and was welcomed to the benefits it gave me.

Since using the marijuana, I’m a better person. The PTSD moments don’t happen like they used to, and in the cases when they do, I don’t have as much anxiety as before. My time on the field of combat will always stick with me for as long as I live, but I can at least control how it affects me now. I hope that the other people who have gone through combat will be able to do the same with their own treatments.