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An Interesting Kind of PTSD Treatment

When I joined the military, I did so because I wanted to serve my country. I knew there was the possibility that I would see combat someday, but I didn’t let it change my mind. My time in Iraq was an experience that I’ll never forget. I came back with my body intact, but my mind wasn’t the same. I would have PTSD moments that would be triggered occasionally. A medical examination determine that a good option for me to try would be medical marijuana in Marlton NJ. I didn’t think that marijuana could be used for something like PTSD, but medical science finds a good use for everything.

I was given a schedule and dosage amount of marijuana to take to get the best results during my treatment. Since I had never smoked anything before in my life, I had to get used to the thought of using it. I have some friends and family members who use the stuff all the time and think nothing of it.

Helped Me to Take off a Lot of Weight

It’s amusing I ended up looking at Cary chiropractors because I have a condition that doesn’t usually fall under the treatment of a chiropractor. Hitting fifty was a tough time for me, with the biggest problem being a sudden and ominous weight gain. I’m not talking a few pounds here and there, but rather about forty pounds that seemed to show up very rapidly. I hadn’t changed my diet so I didn’t know what was going on. The doctors said I was pre-diabetic and looking at developing full blown diabetes if I didn’t lose the weight quickly and keep it off.

I tried to go online and find enough information to come up with a new diet that would work for me. It was difficult because you have so many sites saying things that seem to contradict one another. Just as soon as I thought I found something that might be helpful, another site would say don’t do that it’s not good for you! The result was confusion and I pretty much didn’t change much except adding some light exercise to my daily life. I think I lost a pound, which I put right back on a week later.

A friend suggested I visit his chiropractor because they do some things with nutrition there and it might help. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I went in for an appointment and met with an in-house nutritionist who sat down with me and went through pages and pages of questions. I walked out with a set in stone diet plan and an exercise and vitamin supplement regimen that I hoped would work. I really stuck to the plan and sure enough the weight started to melt off. Then it kept melting off! I hadn’t felt this good in years. I firmly believe they saved my life!